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My name is Jack Turner and I’m a filmmaker based in the UK, Somerset. I discovered my passion for filmmaking when I was in Primary School, as I love storytelling. I would go out to the Cinema every Friday night to see the next big film! But for me, as the years went on, I started to learn from them more. I got into Cinematography, Editing, and Directing, which over time became my profession!


From 2015 - 2017 I took Photography as part of my GCSE’s and my creative ideas/skills left an impression on me from the teachers. When I started College, primarily Art courses, I continued to impress tutors, mainly from my work ethic and my creative skills towards Editing.


 I love to create videos for clients, such as Musicians/organizations and other Filmmakers, mainly to help boost more content for their business. I’ve worked with organizations before such as “Young Somerset” & “Somerset film” to create videos for them and to make each video the best it can be visually & emotionally. 

If YOU would like to work with me on your project please contact me! 

So what are you waiting for? Contact me now!

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